Should I Paint My Cabinets or Reface?

This is a question that comes up quite frequently and there isn’t a simple answer as it depends on many things. The first being, how old are your existing kitchen cabinets? What kind of shape are they in? Are the cabinets damaged and how dated are they now looking? Are you happy how your kitchen looks?

Keep in mind that it is the kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts that get the most abuse in a kitchen as we are always using them. If the doors and drawer fronts are in bad shape and you really want a more updated look for your kitchen, then kitchen cabinet refacing would be the way to go and would last for many more years more than painted cabinets. Most cabinets that have been painted start chipping and showing wear within a very short time.

Having a kitchen refaced, opens up so many possibilities of updating your current look and being able to get a completely different look and making it all yours. It doesn’t matter what shape, color or condition your current kitchen is in. This is because your old door and drawer fronts will be removed and replaced with brand new doors and drawer fronts that will be custom built and installed for you. For example, if you had a dark kitchen, now you could get a light one. Or if your old cabinets are oak, you could now get maple or easy care and beautiful thermo film doors that are washable and the list goes on as endless possibilities await you.