A warranty with your purchase provides peace of mind, as well as a level of confidence in the quality of a product. It assures the consumer that any additional costs for repairs or replacement will be limited to the conditions of the warranty. More specifically, a warranty covers who to contact, what is covered, length of coverage, the conditions of coverage and/or the conditions that void coverage. It’s wise to review anything that is excluded from the warranty or any conditions that would necessitate additional charges for service calls, labor, or materials. Examples of conditions that void coverage might be misuse, abuse, negligence by the owner or water damage. Costly exclusions could be either the labor or materials (or both) for repairs. For instance, some vendors offer a ‘service contract’ versus a warranty, where fees are charged for labor or replacement materials for any repairs afterwards.

Determining the strength of a warranty is also essential. It stands to reason that dealing with a local company for certain products and services elicits a more timely response to your requests. For instance, waiting longer for a non-local vendor to make a repair could prove to be costly as well as inconvenient. When owners are local and reside in the community, have a Showroom, they’re also more invested in the company’s reputation within the community. The length of time a company has been in business in the community coupled with online ratings and reviews, such as those on “Better Business Bureau”, “Yelp”, and “Angie’s List” give consumers some insight into a company’s reputation. In other words, do they stand the test of time in your community in addition to enjoying a lengthy and positive business reputation.

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