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Making More Efficient Use of Kitchen Cabinets While Refacing

When transforming your kitchen cabinets to fit your favorite modern design, something to consider is how to maximize the interior storage space in your drawers and cabinets. Whether dramatically changing or subtly altering the appearance of the cabinets’ exterior, certain design adjustments will customize the interior space for maximum efficiency and functionality, completing the overall transformation.

Here are a few simple ways we can help you better utilize the space inside your kitchen cabinets and drawers at the same time we reface your kitchen cabinetry:

  • add new drawers with full-extension glides which will completely reveal the contents of each entire drawer, front to back — no more hidden space.
  • convert lower stationery cabinet space into all pull-out drawers for maximum capacity storage, clear visibility to all stored items, and 1-step access — no more cabinet doors to open; no more squinting and reaching for something way in the back. OR if you still prefer doors to drawers:
  • convert your stationary cabinet shelving into pull-out shelves, allowing clear visibility and easy access to every item, pot or pan concealed behind the cabinet doors. Just open the cabinet doors and slide out shelf.
  • add a lazy susan into a corner cabinet, making that once awkward hidden space much more useful — just ‘twirl’ to reach everything.

If space allows, we can also:

  • add extra cabinets, an island or counter top eating area.
  • enlarge an existing island and possibly its storage space.
  • install a roll-out trash and recycling center.

For a free in-home estimate from Pacific Kitchens, give us a call at (858) 277-0701. Our friendly kitchen professionals will show you how to get a brand new look — and make the most of your kitchen storage — at a fraction of the cost, compared to a complete remodel. We look forward to making your kitchen remodeling dreams come true!

Dreaming of a “Dream Kitchen”?

The words “Dream Kitchen” elicit a wide range of visual interpretations from traditional to modern contemporary, or something in between. Over the years, our kitchens have become an area for socializing, in addition to serving the function of food storage and food preparation for our families. And in amply-sized modern kitchens, the kitchen table has been replaced with an ‘island’ which serves a multi-function purpose.  We’ve become accustomed to gathering and entertaining guests there. The kitchen is, after all, the ‘heart of the home’ and now has the honor of also being known as the ‘most used’ room in our homes. In fact, that ’most used’ look may be why you’re reading this blog and looking for ways to modernize your kitchen before the holiday frenzy sets in.

When architects design kitchens, they usually create the most efficient use of the space as the majority of kitchens are built with functionality in mind.  This eliminates the need to have to start from scratch and tear out all your existing cabinetry.  Keep in mind, that with a complete tear-out, you will lose your existing counter tops. If you choose to reface, they can be saved.  Refacing has now become a very popular and high-quality alternative to complete cabinet replacements.  Cabinet refacing is an environmentally friendly, green alternative at about half the cost of a brand new kitchen. So whether your kitchen looks tired and outdated, or you would simply like it to fit your own design style, consider refacing for your dream kitchen.

There is no obligation or pressure to buy from Pacific Kitchens once we have completed your free in-home estimate. However, we hope you will check our references, our business’ reputation in the industry and make the wise choice! Choose Pacific Kitchens – San Diego’s award winning kitchen refacing company.

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Pacific Kitchen’s Free In-Home Estimate

Very often when home owners call our showroom to inquire about refacing they also ask for a ‘ball park’ estimate for what the project will cost. We patiently explain that it is very difficult to quote a range of pricing because each kitchen is unique and the price will differ depending on the size of the kitchen and the materials you choose for your kitchen.

A free in-home estimate with one of our design consultants usually takes approximately 90 minutes. During that time the consultant will discuss what you want to achieve with your refacing project. Then, he will show you a wide variety of sample door styles, colors and materials from which you can select what you like for your kitchen. The consultant also has many samples of solid surface materials for counter tops including granite and quartz – also known as manufactured stone.

During the in-home consultation, our design consultant will ask you if you plan to replace appliances or add/subtract features from the kitchen such as replacing stationary shelves with pull out drawers, adding a possible trash drawer, Lazy Susan, etc. If you have room, we can also build new cabinets, add an island and modify cabinetry to fit new appliances. You may also need us to rebuild the entire drawer boxes or in case of water damage, we may need to rebuild the base cabinets.

So, as you see, many things come up during the home appointment that will help you decide what is best for your unique kitchen. That is why you can trust that when Pacific Kitchens comes into your home, our design consultant will write an estimate that is customized for your project to ensure that you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

There is no obligation to buy from Pacific Kitchens once we have completed the in-home estimate. But of course, we hope you will check our references, our business’ reputation in the industry and make the wise choice! Choose Pacific Kitchens – San Diego’s award winning kitchen refacing company.

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Refinishing versus Refacing.  What’s the difference?

We often get calls from potential customers who use the word ‘refinishing’ interchangeably with ‘refacing’.  When I get that call, my first objective is to find out what the caller really wants to achieve in their kitchen.

Many times customers have cabinetry that is constructed of solid hard woods such as cherry, maple, mahogany, oak, etc. that was custom made for their kitchen.  Before they call us, the customers have assumed that Pacific Kitchens will come out, remove the doors and drawers and take them away to be stripped and re-stained or re-painted.  This process is referred to as ‘refinishing’.

Cabinet refinishing is much like the process of refinishing furniture.  It’s messy, smelly and time consuming.  The doors and drawer fronts can be taken offsite to a refinishing shop to be done, but the frames (or boxes) have to be done in your home.  This process takes your kitchen away for quite a while, sometimes weeks.  And you have to live around the mess and the smell of paint and lacquer odors.

Refacing on the other hand is kinder and gentler. When we reface your kitchen we remove all the doors and drawer fronts and make brand new doors and drawer fronts out the material you choose (solid wood, Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) or high pressure laminate).  The outside surfaces of the cabinet frames are covered with matching material.  All the components necessary to reface your kitchen are ready to be installed before we arrive on site.

We don’t want to imply that there is ‘no mess’ involved in refacing, but it is greatly diminished compared to refinishing.  When refacing, brand new doors and drawer fronts are custom built, allowing you to completely change the look of your kitchen.  However, when you refinish, you still have your old and dated doors and drawer fronts that have endured a lot of wear and tear over the years. If you choose to refinish, keep in mind that it’s very difficult to go to a lighter color of stain because the wood grain will retain some of the previous color.

At the end of the day, the decision to reface or refinish is up to you and what you want to achieve.  We are here to raise awareness for the art of refacing and to help our customers to be completely satisfied with their decision.

For a free in-home estimate from Pacific Kitchens, give us a call at (858) 277-0701. Our friendly kitchen professionals will show you how to get a brand new look at a fraction of the cost, compared to a complete remodel. We look forward to making your kitchen remodeling dreams come true!

Reface or Replace? – The Big Decision!

Tuscany stained select maple juliano cabinet doors

Tuscany stained select maple juliano upper doors and revere lower doors were used in this kitchen remodel.

When it comes time to remodel your kitchen, your preliminary research may find you a bit confused about the direction to take.  There are companies that specialize in total kitchen remodels (i.e. tear out and build new cabinetry) and companies like Pacific Kitchens that specialize in refacing your cabinets.

If your kitchen starts to look dated, worn out or perhaps in need of more modern conveniences – new appliances, additional storage, etc. – but the frames are in good condition – refacing can achieve a remarkable transformation without the mess, downtime and most importantly, the expense of a complete remodel.

Whether you want to modernize your kitchen or prepare your home for sale, refacing is an excellent choice. According to industry experts, minor kitchen remodeling (like refacing) provides the highest return on value of any remodeling project – even more than tearing out the entire kitchen and starting over.

A majority of kitchen cabinet refacing projects can be done in as little as a week for about half the cost of a complete kitchen tear out.  Most tear outs take a minimum of six weeks to complete and some extend into months.

Real Estate experts have always agreed that a kitchen reface is one of the best improvements homeowners can make, especially now in these challenging economic times. According to Remodeling Magazine, a minor kitchen remodel including refacing is the #1 interior project for recouping costs at home resale. It beats a major kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel and window replacements.

For a free in-home estimate from Pacific Kitchens, give us a call at (858) 277-0701. Our friendly kitchen professionals will show you how to get a brand new look at a fraction of the cost, compared to a complete remodel. We look forward to making your kitchen remodeling dreams come true!

Pacific Kitchens Inc. Announces A+ Rating from BBB

The San Diego kitchen cabinet refacing specialists have a long history of providing stellar service

BBB A+ Rated Kitchen RemodelingPacific Kitchens, Inc. has announced that they have achieved an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The rating reflects Pacific Kitchen’s commitment to customer excellence, and the BBB cites the length of time the business has been operating and its clean history with the BBB as key reasons for raising the rating to an A+.

Pacific Kitchens, Inc. has been a BBB Accredited Business since February of 1992. Its accreditation and long history of customer satisfaction are part of the company’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the satisfaction of every customer. This commitment is reflected in the company’s legacy of customer-choice awards, including being named Best Cabinet Refacer for two years in a row by San Diego Tribune readers, as well as two consecutive Super Service awards from Angie’s List.

“We take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously,” said a representative, “and we are honored that our BBB history reflects that so well. We look forward to continuing to give our customers excellent service and projects that live up to their dreams.”

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About: Pacific Kitchens is San Diego’s leading kitchen remodeling and refacing specialist. Pacific Kitchens has refaced and remodeled more kitchens than any other company in San Diego County. Pacific Kitchens provides their customers with high quality work from well-trained, experienced craftsmen who complete projects on time and within budget.