Backsplash Options


What lies in-between your countertops and cabinets can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen design. While you may choose to extend the granite or quartz used on your countertops to the backsplash area to camouflage where the countertop stops and the wall begins, there are obviously many other choices for your backsplash. For example, various vendors offer an extensive variety of tiles in glass, porcelain and ceramic. River rock, sandstone and tiles made out of natural stone are also possible backsplash choices that may pair well with your chosen granite or quartz countertops. Even certain metals are sometimes used as a backsplash, such as copper, tin, stainless and industrial steel. Some of these choices have gained extreme popularity, and all offer a range in pricing from ‘economical sophistication’ to ‘luxury standard’ which may somewhat help your decision-making process.


Besides your personal preference and budget considerations, other things to keep in mind when making your choice are ease of cleaning, stain resistance and durability. Also determining the appropriate backsplash height to complete your design look is key. Of course, a full-height backsplash will protect your walls between the counter and cabinet. If your choice is granite or quartz for both countertops and backsplash, enough stone would need to be ordered for both areas prior to your remodel so they would match. However, due keep in mind that this may add one or more extra slabs of granite or quartz to your job, plus the stone’s fabrication to your total price which can be very costly.

For all other choices, we highly recommend that you choose your backsplash AFTER cabinet refacing is completed and AFTER your new countertops are installed for optimum design consistency.

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