While you may be someone who thinks Labor Day still marks the end of white as a wearable fashion, there’s no question that when speaking of fashionable kitchens, white remains a top contender year-round. Kitchen cabinets in most any shade of white are considered a classic design color, described since the 1920’s as being bright, clean and fresh. White cabinets look great with all of your accessories such as appliances, sinks, faucets and hardware of every shade. There’s sure to be a shade of white that will transform your entire kitchen, even when existing countertops, backsplash and flooring remain in place. White can also brighten up a room and still leave you open to a multitude of other colors and materials for new countertops, backsplashes and flooring, as well as some trendy new cabinet accent colors and/or wood tones for a two-tone color scheme.

Now, nearly 100 years since white kitchens basically made their debut in the U.S., producing a two-tone design by coupling white with a second accent color or a wood tone appears to be a continuing trend that will extend into 2020 and on.  Perhaps you’re thinking of just a splash of color on the island’s base cabinet or white upper cabinets with a second color or wood tone on lower cabinets.  These examples, among others, have been popular this year and trending on social media sites. We encourage you to view all the possibilities for the custom look of your choice.

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“When Remodeling, Pacific Kitchens encourages you to consider donating your newer or gently used items such as sinks, appliances, doors and doorknobs to Habitat for Humanity. Call them about pickup or delivery of items being donated, and for directions to “Restore”, their home improvement stores in the County. For more information: