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5 Things You Should Splurge On in Your Kitchen Remodel in 2014

When completing kitchen remodeling in Delmar, you should splurge on a few areas of your kitchen. These areas will add more equity to your home, while making the kitchen more desirable. Some of the suggestions on this list do get quite pricey, so consider saving in other areas of your kitchen.

  1. Windows. Adding or enlarging windows in your kitchen, even if that means changing your floor plan, is a worthwhile splurge. This major (or simple) change will add more natural light to a room that should be light and airy.
  2. Sink. It’s important to have the sink you want. You will use it every single day. Choose a sink that will last, that matches your décor, and which is in the style you want. Things like faucets are cheap and can be replaced later.
  3. Stove Top or Range. Whether you prefer having a separate stovetop or just having a range, this item is worth the splurge. You’ll use it daily, so you want to purchase one with the best features for you, and one in the style and color you prefer.
  4. Cabinet Doors/Hardware. Your cabinet doors are what everyone will see; the same is said about the hardware. Choose high-quality doors in the color and style that matches your kitchen. Custom doors cost more, but they make your kitchen truly unique.
  5. Countertop. Choosing a high-quality countertop will be a small investment. However, this investment will last for many years and take a lot of wear. You will use it every single day; therefore, quality materials are important.

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The Top 5 Designs Popular in Today’s Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling comes with many choices. One of the major choices you will have to make is choosing a color palette, paint colors, and a backsplash. Depending on the style of your kitchen, you can add an edgy element in the form of texture or a design feature.

  1. Geometric wallpaper. Wallpaper is not outdated. Recently, designers have started adding wallpaper into their designs again. However, instead of covering all the walls, a small feature wall is chosen for the design.
  2. Rounded features. Instead of going for square or rectangle tiles, choose round or oval ones. This will add a unique design element to the kitchen that will complement your style.
  3. Texture. Texture always looks good in the kitchen. Whether you get this texture from the walls or backsplash, it does not matter. However, it is possible to have too much texture, so opt to only have texture in a small area.
  4. Metal. Metal tiles from uncommon materials are very popular for 2014. Look for nickel, tin and copper tiles to use on the backsplash, or even the ceiling. Stamped metal designs add a vintage look to a kitchen.
  5. Ombre. Ombre is somewhat of a new trend, but one that design experts expect to become even more popular before the year ends. An ombre design starts out light and then deepens to a darker color or even a different color going down. You can do this with backsplash tiles or with paint on a wall.

For more design tips, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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5 Colors You Should See More of in the Kitchen

Now that kitchens are one of the main meeting areas of the home, it is time for a bit of an update in regards to style and design. The most common neutral color selected for paint is white, but white is boring. Consider these 5 colors that you can use more of in your kitchen when you decide to update or remodel.

  1. Blue. From a bold royal blue to a light sky blue, this is one color that looks good in almost any style kitchen. Even if you opt for white walls, consider adding a blue shelf, or some other pop of blue to contrast the stark white of the walls.
  2. Green. Greens are more popular than ever in the kitchen. From wall paint to colored cabinets, the applications for shades of green are endless. Even green glass bottles or knickknacks on a shelf or windowsill will offset a solid-color paint.
  3. Teal. Teal is forecasted to be a very popular color going into the summer and fall of 2014. This bold blue/green seems to be making an appearance everywhere, including the kitchen. Consider adding a teal feature wall or selecting teal colored tile for your kitchen.
  4. Yellow. Like green, yellow has become a very popular color to paint the kitchen. You can have a yellow wall or yellow cabinets, and they will look fantastic. A newer trend with the cabinets is painting the doors a solid, shiny color.
  5. Red. Like yellow, red is commonly used for cabinet doors. However, this color is very bold and not for every kitchen.

For all your kitchen design needs, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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Why You Should Consider a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens went from being a closed off room where its only function was washing dishes and preparing food, to the centerpiece of the home. This change is recent, within the last 50 years or so. Bringing your kitchen to the forefront might sound like an exhausting process, but the benefits are worth the investment of time, money, and energy. Below is some food for thought.

  • A poorly functioning kitchen sucks the energy and life right out of your home. If it is an eyesore, cooking in there is an unhappy and thankless process. Plus, the family ends up spending less time together, since no one else wants to hang out in that room.
  • Remodeling the kitchen offers a 60% to 80% return on the investment. It is the smartest room to remodel and one of the selling points of most homes. Just watching your home value go up is worth it.
  • High-end, professional-grade appliances are what most buyers crave to have in their kitchen. It’s possible to find a large range of energy-efficient, stainless steel appliances in all price ranges. You can also choose the new smart appliances that are controlled with tablets or over the internet.
  • Strong countertops and floors are a must. Quartz is the new granite in kitchen design. Quartz does not stain, and it is a lot stronger than granite. It also does not require the upkeep. Flooring has come a long way, too, with porcelain floors that can mimic wood and stone designs.
  • For a simpler process, consider refacing the cabinets, and add new door hardware. Adding a new type of countertop would help, too.

For more information about kitchen remodels, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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The Efficient Kitchen: Design at Its Best

When kitchen remodeling cannot be avoided, you need to consider all of the aspects of the remodeling process. The first thing you need is a plan. Without this, the remodel will be a disaster. The floor plan details where everything will go, and what footprint the cabinets and appliances will have. When considering a layout, there are several important things to keep in mind:

  1. Create a triangle that goes from the sink to the fridge and the oven. This might sound odd, but you want to have a small distance between the three. This will be the first thing you do in the design process. This then sets the stage for the rest of the layout.
  2. You need to choose a footprint for the cabinets. Keep in mind the appliances you have and how much space you have. The space of the kitchen also determines how many cabinets, their size, and how many you can put in there. Open kitchens commonly have a center island, but other styles of kitchens can have one.
  3. Consider the space for upper cabinets, and choose how many you want and need. Most designs include uppers that go all the way to the ceiling, with molding around them. This is a timeless look and goes with all design schemes.
  4. Choose the colors last. Spend a lot of time matching the cabinet color or stain to the countertop and appliances. If you do not want to choose a traditional color scheme, then don’t. It is your kitchen, after all.

For more tips and advice for a beautifully designed kitchen, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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5 Great Backsplash Ideas that Catch the Eye

Kitchens are supposed to be the modern meeting rooms of the house. Families meet there, eat there, and hang out there, more so than any other room. Therefore, the kitchen should look wonderful and have small, but eye-catching details. Consider a backsplash that is out of the norm for an excellent feature in your kitchen.

  1. Custom 3-D Glass Tiles. You can add custom tiles in any shape you want to your backsplash. Say you like flowers or fish; you can have 3-D tiles in different colors added to your backsplash. This idea is relatively new, and most of your neighbors or friends will have never heard of it, but will be insanely jealous.
  2. Etched Glass. Like 3-D tiles, etched glass can give your backsplash a unique look, or even a custom one. Better yet, it’s easy to install and looks unlike anything else you can use for a backsplash. Consider contacting a local glass artist to see if you can have one made.
  3. Mosaic. A glass mosaic picture as a backsplash is an excellent work of art and can tell a story. Either way, it will look great in the kitchen and be a conversation piece for guests.
  4. Copper Tiles. Taking a page of the history books, copper tiles were popular in older homes. However, like many things, they have made a resurgence. Look for copper subway tiles or small, square copper tiles to finish your kitchen.
  5. Stone Tiles. Stone tiles come in many varieties, but round stone tiles make a statement. They leave an uneven backsplash, but one that looks sophisticated and planned down to the last detail.

For additional great kitchen remodel ideas, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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The Top Kitchen Cabinet Styles

From custom cabinets to full kitchen remodels, you can change the look and function of the kitchen by just adding new or different cabinets. Kitchen cabinets come in different styles, colors, and shapes. The new cabinets can be used to give the whole kitchen a certain style, or you can add them for an eclectic mix. Whichever you choose, there are several styles that are very popular in upscale kitchens.

  1. Modern. Modern cabinets are sleek and sophisticated with flat fronts and smooth hardware. Upper cabinets might have glass fronts, and you have the choice of clear or frosted glass. A matte finish is best in this style, as are dark, but neutral colors.
  2. Contemporary. Like modern style cabinets, contemporary cabinets are sleek and sophisticated. However, the cabinets are very minimalistic, and may or may not include hardware. If they do have hardware, it will be smooth. Frosted glass fronts are very popular in this style of cabinets. Popular colors are light and neutral.
  3. Craftsman. Craftsman and Shaker cabinets are very similar. They have the cut-out wood doors and simple knob hardware. It’s common to find this style of cabinet in wood grained colors and stains. Traditional and old-fashioned kitchens often take on this style.
  4. Cottage. Cottage kitchens have wood painted cabinets, commonly in white, but other colors are possible. Doors can be shaker style or flat front, but are always painted, not stained. Paint colors are bright, with an emphasis on keeping the kitchen light and bright.

For the best advice on remodeling your kitchen, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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Four Must-Have Items to Finish Your Kitchen

Kitchens can take forever when you are dealing with remodeling or refacing. However, when the process is nearing completion, you might want to make some last minute requests. If you do, there are a few updates that you may not want to live without.

  1. Make sure you have a place to store everything. Large, but optional appliances should have a drawer or cabinet dedicated to them. For larger prep areas, consider adding pull out trays, and have larger drawers installed to hold everything else. In the end, all of your prized kitchen gadgets should have a place of their own.
  2. Don’t forget the details. The little things do count, such as cabinet hardware or crown molding. Avoid the standard issue hardware, and choose something a little nicer for your kitchen. If you love a darker color, choose a dark bronze or black. Copper is also in this year. Add crown molding to cabinets that go to the ceiling.
  3. Avoid a boring backsplash. If subway tiles are your thing, spice it up a bit by mixing colors, materials, and textures. You could incorporate smaller mosaic tiles into the design to make it your own. You’ll love your kitchen even more when you add personal touches such as this.
  4. Choose an elegant sink and faucet. Don’t be ashamed to buy the $800 sink you were eyeing. Adding special details to your kitchen helps to make it your own. In addition, with a great sink and faucet, you’ll always want to use it.

For more great tips for your kitchen, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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Get a Luxury Kitchen for Less

Don’t spend a fortune on kitchen remodeling just yet. There are a few ways to get the luxury kitchen you want for budget prices. There are many ways to save without cutting corners. The biggest consideration will be to switch out high-end finishes, fixtures, and other items for less expensive versions. However, there is much more you can do.

  1. Choose a bold color scheme. Designers are taking the bold look by storm this year. Ditch the neutrals and go for a bright yellow, green, or blue. Instead of repainting the whole kitchen, duplicate this style with buying colorful accessories and painting a feature wall. Adding a wall chalkboard won’t hurt, either. Making these changes could cost under $200.
  2. Get the look of Euro-style cabinets by refacing existing ones and adding new sleek doors. Choose bold hardware in oil-rubbed bronze or black to make a statement.
  3. Updated cabinets have loads of extra features, such as rollout shelves, dividers, and hanging racks in them. Duplicate this for less by purchasing kits to create these features.
  4. Add a luxury light fixture to your kitchen. Find one used at a yard sale or check the sales for a new one at a lower cost. If you’re handy, you can swap out a fixture in about 10 minutes. If you have the wiring in place, consider buying a pendent light kit for a unique, but trendy look.
  5. Create spaces to store things. Buy a heavy-duty piece of lumber, stain it, and add hooks for a wall pot rack. This statement piece will add a nice finishing touch to your kitchen. In addition to hanging pots, you can also place things on the shelf.

For more information about transforming your kitchen, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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5 Must-Have Items in Your Spanish-Style Kitchen

Custom cabinets are a staple of a Spanish-style kitchen. When you remodel your kitchen, there are many things to consider with all the changes that are made. You will need to decide on everything, from the appliances to the countertops. However, the Spanish-style kitchen requires a few certain features:

  1. Natural wood cabinets. The cabinets in the Spanish-style kitchen are made of natural wood and have a very rustic, handmade look. You can achieve this look with a set of custom cabinets. Try to avoid dark stains, instead opting for a natural looking finish.
  2. Terra-cotta flooring. Have terra-cotta tiles installed as flooring in your kitchen. This gives the room an old world look that is unique. The tiles also look great with the natural cabinets. You would expect this style of flooring in some old Spanish eatery.
  3. Paint the walls a light color. Using light colors in the kitchen will brighten the room and make it look larger and lighter. Spanish-style kitchens are often open and bright.
  4. Use old world light fixtures. Old world style light fixtures will help to complete the look inside the kitchen. However, these fixtures must provide enough light in the kitchen. Choose fixtures that are iron or antique bronze in color.
  5. Choose a solid color countertop. A solid countertop will keep the kitchen from looking too busy. It will also not draw attention away from the flooring or the cabinets. Choose a color that will work with the rest of the colors in the kitchen. Colors such as black, blue, red and green are popular.

For more information about creating the kitchen of your dreams, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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