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Flooring Options for Your New Kitchen

When you’re considering kitchen refacing in Carlsbad, you have many options for flooring. Too many people think that they only have the option of tile or laminate, but there are really many other options out there. Before coming to a decision, consider all of your options.

  1. Hardwood. Hardwood is now a very popular flooring option for the kitchen. This is usually the case in homes that have an open floor plan. It allows the living area of the home to seamlessly flow into the kitchen without a break or change in the flooring. When choosing wood floors for the kitchen, choose floors that are pretreated with polyurethane. Even then, the floor requires upkeep that includes resealing every five years.
  2. Cork or bamboo. Both of these choices fall under the high-end spectrum, but they are both environmentally friendly. Cork offers a unique feel on the feet and is durable. Bamboo is very firm and resists water damage, meaning spills are less likely to cause problems.
  3. Brick. Brick pavers offer a unique type of flooring that is incredibly durable. The brick tiles are almost indestructible, compared to regular tile, and they do not show dirt. Brick tile does require grout maintenance.
  4. Rubber. Rubber flooring is comparable in price to linoleum flooring, and it is very durable. It works well for a kitchen with high traffic, and it is very easy to clean. It also is easy on the feet and back.
  5. Concrete. Concrete floors are some of the most durable available. These floors stay cool, keeping the kitchen cool when the oven is on. It is cheap to install, and maintaining it includes mopping and polishing.

For more information about kitchen remodels and design, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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What to Look for in a Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchens look vastly different from the new modern contemporary style that is all too popular. The traditional style presents luxury in a different way with intricate crown molding, beautiful tile work, and lots of texture. These kitchens have light colors and pastels, and they do not offer the bold and dramatic palette of other styles.

  1. Glass front cabinets. Glass front cabinets make the kitchen look larger and they just ooze traditional charm. Glass front cabinets look best in white, but you can find them in other colors, too. Use them to showcase your favorite dishes and glassware.
  2. Coffered Ceiling. A coffered ceiling is a ceiling with exposed beams. The texture it offers is amazing, especially when paired with crown molding and cabinets that go to the ceiling. A major plus with this style is the extra storage it offers.
  3. Color and finish. Use the color and finish of traditional kitchen cabinets to put a date on your kitchen’s era. For example, blue cabinets can hint at a Victorian style. You can also blend colors and styles of cabinets from one part of the kitchen to the other.
  4. Adding blue to the mostly white palette adds a timeless charm to your kitchen. Complete this look with blue accented tiles, curtains, light shades, stools, and accessories housed on the counter.
  5. You can still opt for a black and white kitchen and stay in the traditional style. Just make sure you use more white than black, and limit the black to the island and other small elements.

For more information about kitchen design, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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What You Can Expect in Your Contemporary Kitchen

When you are facing the idea of kitchen remodeling and prefer a contemporary design, you should know what type of materials, colors, and cabinets to look for. The contemporary design is a modern one, with smooth lines and a luxury feel. In a way, it is minimalistic, but this does not mean you miss out on any features. Include the following items in your plans:

  1. Contemporary cabinets offer a simple style. They can come in any color and finish that you can imagine. However, they are usually flat in the front and have plain hardware. Some cabinets do not offer hardware, favoring a seamless and flat exterior. This cabinet style works well in small kitchens.
  2. Palette. The color palette for the contemporary kitchen includes blacks, whites, and grays. To avoid a sterile feel, homeowners can choose to add pops of colors in their decor and in kitchen gadgets and accessories. Look for pops of color in unexpected places, such as a feature wall, backsplash, island, or countertop.
  3. Stainless appliances are a standard. Modern designs revolve around the sleek and shiny. These appliances look like a bit of luxury. When choosing appliances, consider all the features you need and choose a few that you want. A chef’s kitchen is in; therefore, choosing semi-professional appliances for your modern kitchen is appropriate.
  4. Windows. Contemporary kitchens are light and bright. This means there is a lot of natural light coming in, as well as bright lighting. Pendant lights, track lighting, and under cabinet lighting are all popular in this style of kitchen.

For more information about kitchen design, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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An Affordable Facelift for Your Kitchen

To give your kitchen a fresh, new look without the cost of a full-scale remodel, consider installing some custom cabinets. Now, just because you hear the word custom does not mean you have to worry about the cost. You can have the beauty of cabinets that are customized without the high price tag. All you have to do is have your existing cabinets refaced in a custom style.

Here at Pacific Kitchens, refacing is our specialty. The process is easy to understand. We take your current cabinets, remove them from your kitchen, and bring them in for a facelift. Your cabinets will get new exteriors and hardware. You can choose from just about any exterior that you want, which means you can design customized cabinets unlike anything found on a store’s display floor. The refacing process only takes about one week to complete, so you will have a refreshed kitchen in just about seven days.

The cost of refacing is much more affordable than ordering brand new cabinets from a store. The timely process is often much faster than ordering, too, because you don’t have to wait for your cabinets to be manufactured from the bottom up — your new cabinets are made from your existing cabinets.

Giving your kitchen a new look has never been easier, thanks to the quick and affordable process of cabinet refacing. To learn more about the refacing process and to find out if your cabinets are a good candidate for a fresh, new look, contact us today at Pacific Kitchens.

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Making the Best Remodeling Choices

When you are faced with the task of kitchen remodeling, you are likely to feel pretty overwhelmed. There are so many different aspects to a remodel — choosing the flooring, selecting the countertops, finding the perfect sink — the choices seem endless! Pacific Kitchens is here to help you make the choices a little bit easier.

  • Flooring — Your choice of flooring is very important. This is a floor that you are going to have for many years, so you want it to be something that you love. You can choose from types of flooring like laminate, ceramic, vinyl, and wood. Make your selection keeping in mind traffic, moisture, and other pertinent factors, including your budget.
  • Countertops — Your countertops are some of the first things people will notice when entering your kitchen. There are various materials from which you can choose, so choose a material that is fit for the kitchen environment. Keep in mind ease of cleaning, because the last thing you want is a counter that takes a long time to clean.
  • Cabinets — When it comes to cabinetry, you have two options. You can have your existing cabinets refaced, which can save you lots of money. You can also opt to buy brand new cabinets. Either way, choose a finish that complements the rest of your kitchen design.
  • Sink and appliances — These kitchen components should also complement your kitchen design. Stainless steel is a popular choice for appliances, but white or black appliances may be more affordable. Sinks come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, so find the one that appeals to your personal tastes.

For more remodeling tips and to learn about our refacing process, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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Tips for Adding Whimsy to Your Luxury Kitchen

Custom kitchens are usually sleek and minimalistic. However, you can easily add whimsical elements to make the kitchen feel more at home and less sterile. Generally, designers create the kitchen based on the cabinets, but you can do the opposite. You can create a design based on the backsplash, wall color, or even the floor design.

  1. Come up with a custom backsplash design. It does not have to be tile. There are many different materials to choose from, including glass, stone, tile, and metal. You can combine materials for a unique design. This makes it the focal point of the room.
  2. Choose a design that adds energy or life to the room. This design should have a pop of color, especially if the rest of the kitchen is in a neutral color. Bright colors, such as blues, greens, reds, and yellows are popular. You can find tile in all of these colors.
  3. Choose a countertop that matches the backsplash, walls, and floors to add continuity. You can choose the same main color, one of the shades in the design, or a similar shape, to make it work.
  4. Choose cabinets in a neutral dark or light color, opposite of the color of the backsplash. You do not want a matching color, because it will end up being too much of a good thing. Look for modern-style cabinets with flat fronts.
  5. Stainless appliances pair well with most designs. As this finish is highly desirable in a home, make sure to include it. However, you could choose to have a hidden fridge, where it has a cabinet front.

For more great kitchen design tips, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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How to Make Use of Space in a Tiny Kitchen

Sometimes you just cannot increase the size of the room when designing a new layout while completing kitchen remodeling. This means that the designers have to make the most of the space without making too many sacrifices. There are many different tips and tricks that they have for very small kitchens.

  1. Mirrored backsplash. Having a mirror instead of a backsplash makes the room appear larger than it truly is. This gives you the illusion that there is more space inside of the kitchen than there is, which makes the room feel less cramped.
  2. Having appliances built into the wall, such as the oven or microwave, gives you more counter and cabinet space. Instead of a traditional stove, a separate cooktop and oven allow you to have more room inside of the kitchen. Use the cooktop as part of the counter space when you are not cooking.
  3. Personalize what you can inside of the space. You can personalize the floor, countertop, and many other things inside of the space. In smaller kitchens, this is important, as there is less to look at or catch your eye.
  4. Use pull-out cabinets to maximize the use of the space. These cabinets are ideal in places that are not large enough to have doors that open, or areas where there are obstructions.
  5. Having drawers and cubbies in space that would otherwise be wasted is a good way to create storage in a tiny kitchen. In these spaces, you can store spices, silverware, extra baking dishes, cutting boards, and cookbooks.

For more kitchen remodeling tips, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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Popular Colors to Refresh Any Style Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the many rooms in the home that can use some color. Though you can make a kitchen look good in any color, some colors look better than others do. You might even be surprised by some of the color choices that have been making their rounds in kitchens across the country.

  1. Green. Like red, green offers many different shades to choose from. Mint is one of the most popular shapes to appear in the kitchen, as is a bright apple green.
  2. Blue. Blue can overpower a room, but, when used in small doses, it does wonders for the kitchen. A blue feature wall or light blue walls will create a crisp atmosphere. Dark blue even works well, but only if it is paired with lighter colors.
  3. Yellow. Yellow instantly brightens up a room, just like the sun. The color also inspires hunger, which is important for the kitchen.
  4. Gray. Gray is a neutral color that is becoming more popular than whites and off whites. In some cases it can be too cold, but the right shade of gray can make a kitchen feel warm and cozy.
  5. White. White is a traditional color for a kitchen. Those who want a cottage style kitchen often choose white paint and cabinets. The color is energizing and refreshing.
  6. Red. Red is a warm color, and it stimulates the appetite. The color offers many shades that would work in both small and large kitchens. In addition, you do not have to paint the whole room; you can choose red cabinets or red dishware for the same effect.

For more information about choosing the right colors and design for the kitchen, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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5 DIY Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If you decide refacing cabinets is the best way to update your kitchen, you can take care of the job the DIY way. It’s not hard to paint kitchen cabinets, especially if the ones you have are high quality. Even if you do not like the doors, you can easily replace them with new doors, and keep the old layout. Just a few simple layers of paint can make the kitchen look brand new again.

  1. Before removing all the doors and hardware, label each door with masking tape on the inside of the door so that you know where it goes. This makes replacing the doors easier, since you won’t have to search its matching spot. Make sure to put the hardware in a plastic bag so you don’t lose it.
  2. Make sure the cabinets are clean and sanded smooth before painting. This gives you the best finish, and it looks like a professional did it. Sanding also removes any grease that the soap did not remove. Use 100-grit sandpaper on the doors for the best results.
  3. Use primer before adding color. The primer ensures a smooth finish without any of the color under the paint poking through. The primer has to fully dry before you can paint over it.
  4. Use only small paintbrushes or a small roller. When you choose your brushes, opt for small angular ones, as these are best for using on small surfaces, and keep you from applying too much paint. For the roller, choose a mini foam roller for the best results.
  5. For a fast paint application, you can use spray paint, but set up your painting space outside. Use at least two coats of spray paint, and follow up with a clear coat, or use a very fine grit of sandpaper to seal in the paint.

If you decided that DIY refacing is beyond your scope of expertise, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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8 Ways to Liven Up Your Kitchen for the Fall

As an extension of the living space in a home, kitchens can receive the same makeover treatment during different seasons as other areas do. Consider adding some fall personal touches to this room during the cooler weather.

  1. Pumpkins. Retire that old floral centerpiece in your eat-in kitchen and create a new one filled with fresh miniature pumpkins and gourds. You can use a wicker basket or even a cornucopia to display the fall fruit.
  2. Add vases of fresh fall flowers. Mums are a great fall flower, and you can find them in many colors. Another popular fall flower is the sunflower.
  3. Add pops of orange, brown, yellow, and gold to your kitchen. You can accomplish this with painted pinecones, fresh nuts, or small knickknacks.
  4. Put up fall-themed curtains. Putting up some fall-themed curtains in the kitchen is easy, inexpensive, and effective.
  5. Display black, white, and orange dishware, cups, and other similar items on the counter. Spread them out evenly to make sure the counter is not cluttered.
  6. Make kitchen shelves displays for colorful fall items, such as a leaf garland, pumpkins, flowers, and ceramics. Other places to display items are windowsills and the tops of appliances.
  7. Create displays of fresh gourds, lemons, apples, and other fall fare in baskets and jars on the counter and tables. The best part of this is that you will have fresh fruits to use when you cook.
  8. Switch out linens and towels in the kitchen for fun fall prints. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate, and one that the kids will love.

For more information about having the perfect kitchen, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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