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What is a kitchen cabinet refacing?

You’ve probably considered completely replacing the cabinets in your kitchen. You’re either sick of the color or just looking for a change, but most people don’t realize that there are options aside from replacement to consider. A cabinet refacing can give you that “new kitchen feel” without the hassle of construction or the burden of a heavy price. The only difference between replacing and refacing is that with a refacing, you keep the basic structure of the cabinet and just redesign the rest.

How refacing a cabinet works

With a kitchen cabinet refacing project, experienced carpenters install new doors and drawer fronts to your existing cabinets. After that, they either paint the cabinet box a matching color, or fit a thin wooden panel (or laminate) to ensure that the cabinets look brand new. New moldings are then added to give a professional and natural looking finish to the project. Typically, the process only takes a few days and can cost almost half as much as a full cabinet replacement.

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What Kinds of Countertop Tiles Are Available?

If, like many of our clients, you’re a San Diego resident thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you may have contemplated installing a tile countertop.  This is an attractive option for a variety of reasons.  The wide selection of tiles on the market makes it easy to find a type appealing to the eye and the touch, and the segmented arrangement of tiled countertops means that damaged areas can be replaced without having to remove the entire surface.

Some Common Countertop Tiles

  • Ceramic – A very common form of countertop tile, ceramic has the advantage of being inexpensive, heat-resistant, and easy to clean, but it can be damaged by falling objects.  Ceramic tiles can be found in an enormous number of variations.
  • Porcelain – Similar in appearance to ceramic, porcelain is notably more durable, holding up relatively well when subjected to dropped objects and the like.  These are available in two main varieties:  glazed, which has a coating different from the body of the tile, and through-body, which has the same color and texture all over.
  • Granite – These tiles can be attractive for those who want the virtues of a solid-body granite countertop while enjoying the benefits of a tiled surface.  However, the porosity of granite requires regular maintenance to make it suitable for household use.
  • Glass – These can appeal to the artistic-minded, and many colors and designs are on the market, but their fragility poses potential hazards in the kitchen.
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Types of Kitchen Lighting

At Pacific Kitchens, we’ve been remodeling kitchens in the San Diego area for years, and our growing list of satisfied customers testifies to our expertise.  One important aspect of your kitchen is its lighting arrangement.  The kitchen is an area where you spend a significant amount of time, so it’s important to ensure that the area is lit properly.  To achieve this, it’s often advisable to install different types of lights.

Three Varieties of Lights

A well-maintained kitchen often features three styles of lights:

  • Ambient lighting – This refers to the main light source of the area—it’s the big overhead light that turns on when you flip the switch at the room’s entrance.  Ambient lighting provides strong general illumination throughout the room, but specific areas may be underlit.
  • Task lighting – These lights provide directed illumination for work areas in the kitchen, such as the sink area and the island.  Task lighting is frequently provided by track lights, which can be adjusted to eliminate shadows.
  • Accent lighting – Generally used for aesthetic reasons, accent lighting draws attention to visually appealing aspects of the room, such as a plant or a painting.  These types of lights are often associated with the parallel rows of tiny lights arranged along a footpath, but they can be found in kitchens as well.
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The Uses of Track Lighting

When it’s time to install lights in the kitchen and other areas of the home, most people don’t give the matter a lot of thought—they just want to see what they’re doing while in the room.  But it’s worth looking into lighting styles and arrangements that can provide options beyond those offered by standard lamps and bulbs.  One of these styles is track lighting.  This involves installing a rail, or track, on a ceiling or wall; one or more bulbs are then affixed to the track.  The result is a simple yet highly customizable lighting arrangement.  A track can hold a single bulb or half a dozen, and when it’s necessary to accentuate specific areas of the room, the bulbs usually can be moved to different spots along the track, and often they can be tilted in various angles.

Variations of Track Lighting

The most common variety is the single-track style, also called a monorail; this holds bulbs together along a straight line.  Some people install a series of monorails end to end, while another option is to arrange the rails in a triangle or square pattern.  Curved tracks are also available, but for optimal flexibility nothing beats bare-wire track lighting, which dispenses with the rail altogether in favor of an exposed (but safe to handle) cord that can be manipulated into virtually any arrangement.  As remodeling experts in the San Diego area, Pacific Kitchens can help you figure out the ideal lighting installation.


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Use your kitchen cabinet refacing project as an excuse to remodel your kitchen

In-home construction is inconvenient. Anyone who has woken up in the morning only to be forced to walk through a construction yard on the way to the bathroom can tell you that. When the time comes to launch a renovation to your home, it might be better to simply consolidate all of that construction time into one manageable chunk so you won’t have to deal with breathing sawdust year-round.

Now is the right time for a kitchen remodel

If your cabinets are out-of-date enough to warrant a refacing, odds are the rest of your kitchen could also do with an update. If you know that your kitchen is going to be out of commission for a few days, why not take care of your kitchen’s other needs while the carpenters are already in your house? Your local San Diego kitchen remodelers could probably offer some type of deal that includes your cabinet refacing project, so choosing to remodel now could save you money in the long-run. Not to mention, you won’t need to turn your home into a construction site again in the near future.

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Cabinet refacing VS. cabinet replacing

You’ve been tired of your dated cabinets for years, and now the time has come for a change. You’ve considered just ordering a full tear-out so that you can start with a clean slate, but an inexpensive refacing may be all that your cabinets need to make them look as good as new. Choosing to replace your cabinets could lead to a long construction process and a hefty bill, but refacing is a simple and efficient way to give your kitchen a brand new look.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is inexpensive and convenient

Nothing can tarnish the natural beauty of your San Diego home like an outdated kitchen. Rather than tearing everything out from the base, consider the relatively quick and easy project of getting your cabinets refaced. A full kitchen cabinet replacement has the potential to leave you kitchenless for weeks, but a refacing is a painless process that will allow you to get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.


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Sometimes a cabinet just needs replacing

It can prove to be expensive, but kitchen cabinets can break or corrode just like any other furniture piece, so a replacement might be necessary at some point during your kitchen’s lifetime. The kitchen is the last place that you want a leak, so it’s important that your cabinets are built well enough to hold water just in case. You eat out of those bowls after all.

Recognizing if you need a replacement

It’s true that refacing the cabinet is a cleaner and less expensive alternative to replacement; if your cabinet door is the crux of the problem, a refacing or a redooring might be all that you need. If there’s significant damage to the structural integrity of the actual cabinet box however, neither of those options will do any good unless your local San Diego kitchen refacers are willing to strengthen and repair your cabinet frames as part of the refacing project (hint: we do that).

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Pendant Lights Provide Many Lighting Options

What is a pendant light?  That’s the term for a light that hangs from the ceiling, and it’s made of several distinct parts.  The lightbulb itself is encased in a lampshade attached to a device called a holder.  The holder is in turn connected to a long tube, cord, rod, or other thin cylindrical object.  The tubing leads up to a canopy affixed to the ceiling.  These various components combine into a stylish yet practical home accessory that can be modified in any number of ways.  Available in an impressive assortment of shades and bulb options, pendant lights can accommodate anyone’s aesthetic palette.  They can be hung individually or grouped, positioned high in the air or at eye level.

Enhance Your Kitchen with Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are commonly found suspended over an island of a kitchen, providing a convenient lighting option that, unlike a regular lamp, does not take up valuable surface room.  For San Diego residents interested in refacing and remodeling the kitchen area, these types of lights can introduce both a visual flair and useful illumination at the same time.

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Ideas for a Kitchen Backsplash

A backsplash is the protective covering on the wall behind a sink, countertop, or stove.  Its purpose is to prevent damage to the wall area from liquids, moisture, and similar kitchen hazards.  Backsplashes can be found in a wide variety of styles and prices; it shouldn’t be a problem to install one that suits your tastes, your bank account, and your available space.  Backsplashes usually come in two categories:

  • Tile backsplash – A backsplash made up of small tiles is usually less expensive and easier to install than one composed of a solid continuous surface.  Tiles suitable for backsplashes come in many different types:  glass and ceramic can please the eye while providing an easy-to-clean surface; metal and steel tiles are more durable but not without their own maintenance demands.
  • Solid backsplash – These backsplashes can present installation challenges and increased expense, but some homeowners prefer their smooth appearance.  Like tiles, solid backsplashes can be found in a variety of materials; popular options include stone, stainless steel, and mirror backsplashes.

Pacific Kitchens Can Install the Right Backsplash for You

With years of experience remodeling kitchens in San Diego, CA, Pacific Kitchens is the ideal choice for installing a backsplash and upgrading your whole food-preparation area.

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Common Types of Cabinet Hinges

Kitchen cabinets sustain a great deal of use and abuse, and eventually it becomes necessary to have them repaired.  In many instances, the process involves replacing the cabinet’s hinges.  There can be a lot of confusion about terminology when discussing this topic, so here are a few frequently used terms:

  • Concealed hinge – This is a type of hinge affixed to the interior of the cabinet, connecting the door frame or cabinet wall to the door itself.   Also called a hidden hinge, this type is invisible from the outside, enhancing the visual appeal of the cabinet.
  • Self-closing hinge – Normally containing springs, these hinges automatically shut the cabinet door once it has been released—this can be handy in busy kitchen environments.
  • Continuous hinge – A very long single-unit hinge that allows for a wide range of motion.  Also called a piano hinge due to its traditional use on that instrument.
  • Butt hinge – Seen on many kinds of doors, butt hinges are composed of two interlocking plates that are connected by a pin.

The Pacific Kitchens Difference

This is an area of home improvement in which we’ve accumulated a great deal of expertise:  Pacific Kitchens has been in the cabinet refacing business for years in the San Diego area.  Our streamlined refacing process usually takes only a matter of days to make cabinets seem like new.

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