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Creative Cooking — How to Stay Inspired

If you are like millions of other people, there are days in your life when you just don’t want to think about kitchens and cooking. Your busy day-to-day life takes up so much time and energy that there comes a time when your cooking creativity simply runs out. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay inspired in the kitchen:

  • Chill out. If you just don’t feel like cooking, then don’t cook. Instead, order some takeout or go out for dinner. If you do this enough, your creative cooking juices will soon start flowing after a much-needed break.
  • Keep it simple. Every meal doesn’t have to be a four-course, five-star dinner. It’s fine to ease up now and then, and just have sandwiches or another easy meal. Eat enough “simple” meals, and you will start to feel refreshed and ready to tackle something more creative.
  • Try something new. What better way to get inspired than to try a new recipe—especially when it comes out fabulous! The internet is full of tasty recipes, so take the leap, and try something new.
  • Keep it clean. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen—and an inspired kitchen. Keep your kitchen clean and organized, so it will always be a welcoming atmosphere for creating masterpiece meals.
  • Plan ahead. Make a weekly menu, then stick to it. Change the meal plan up, and include easy days, as well as more creative ones.

Here at Pacific Kitchens, we know how difficult it can be to stay inspired in your kitchen. That’s why we help homeowners create the perfect cooking spaces. Contact us today to learn more.

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Creative Ideas to Organize Kitchens

Kitchens are, by far, the most used room in a home. With so much going on in one room, it is easy for a kitchen to become a disorganized mess. Here are some creative ideas to help you keep your kitchen clean, neat, and free from clutter.

  • Utilize a wooden, tilting trashcan holder to keep your yucky trash can hidden from view. This type of holder can be made with just a little bit of lumber, but if you aren’t the handyman type, you can always hire someone to build it. The trash can sits inside of the cabinet, and you can tilt it out when you need to throw garbage away.
  • Adhesive hooks are perfect for hanging rolls of foil and plastic wrap on the walls. This keeps the rolls out of the way and ready to use. Just attach the hooks to the wall, one for each end of the roll, and then hook the box onto the hooks.
  • You can use small pieces of wood, which are usually available at a cheap price, to create dividers for your kitchen drawers. You can also adjust the dividers any time you need to create more room.
  • Baskets and bins are perfect for holding plastic containers and lids, as well as lids for pots and pans.
  • A spring-loaded curtain rod is ideal for adding below your sink. Here, you can hang all of your cleaning product bottles, keeping them within easy reach, but out of sight.

Contact us today at Pacific Kitchens to learn some other clever kitchen organization tips, and find out how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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Spring Design Tips for the Kitchen

Spring is in the air, and that means it is time to spruce up your kitchen for the new season. You don’t have to launch into full kitchen remodeling to decorate for spring—a  few, simple choices and changes will have your kitchen looking fresh and new.

  • Color – Spring is all about color. Yellows, reds, greens—pretty much all of the brightest, warmest colors represent the spring season. You can go all out and change your wall color, painting it a festive, warm yellow or other inviting color. If you prefer, you can simply add splashes of the colors through pictures on the wall, table cloths, placemats, centerpieces, and other pieces of décor.
  • Curtains – Changing out your curtains is an easy way to bring spring into your kitchen. Instead of a solid color, consider adding a pattern, such as stripes. You can even go bolder, and opt for a print, such as flowers or other “springy” prints.
  • Towels – One of the fastest and easiest ways to add some spring to your kitchen is with your dishtowels and hand towels. You can find festive prints that are perfect for the springtime. When fall rolls around, you can switch them out again for a minimal price.
  • Flooring – You don’t need to rip out your floors with every changing season. Instead, add a colorful area rug under the table or a bright, boisterous runner rug in front of the fridge.

Adding touches of spring to your kitchen is easy with the right décor choices. To learn more about decorating for spring and to discuss your remodeling options, contact us today at Pacific Kitchens.

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Safety First: Kitchen Safety for Kids

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in the home. They can also be one of the most dangerous rooms, especially for children. Kitchens contain knives, appliances, cleaners, stoves, and other items that could be a danger to a child. Keeping your children safe is always your first priority, so here are some tips from Pacific Kitchens to share with your kids about kitchen safety:

  • Turn pot handles inward toward the back of the stove, instead of leaving them sticking out over the edge. It only takes a second for someone to accidentally knock a pan off the stove.
  • Never add knives or sharp objects to a sink full of soapy water. If you can’t see what is in the water, you could get hurt on the sharp object.
  • Speaking of knives, never use a knife without adult supervision.
  • Always keep electrical items away from water, such as the sink. Never plug in an appliance near a water source. Spills on countertops should be cleaned immediately.
  • Avoid adding any water to a pan that contains heated oil. The oil will splatter, and it could cause burns.
  • If there is a fire, seek help from an adult right away. Never try to use water on a fire; instead, use a fire extinguisher, which should be kept handy at all times.
  • Make sure all appliances, such as the stove, are turned off when leaving the kitchen.

Following basic safety rules such as the ones above will help keep your children safe in the kitchen and keep your mind at ease.

Contact us today at Pacific Kitchens to learn more about the safety features of our kitchens.

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Tips for Planning a Romantic Dinner for Two

February is definitely the month for romance—and what better way to show your love than with a romantic dinner? Of course, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy a wonderful dinner for two. You can celebrate romance any day of the year. You also don’t have to go out and spend a fortune at a fancy restaurant. A quiet, romantic dinner at home in your kitchen, surrounded by spectacular custom cabinets, with candlelight flickering—your special someone is sure to be pleased! Here are some helpful tips for planning your special evening:

  • Choose romantic foods, such as chocolate-covered strawberries, for a sweet dessert. A hearty steak as the main course is a classic romantic dinner entrée. Of course, you do want to keep your partner’s tastes in mind as you plan the menu.
  • Pay attention to the atmosphere. This includes the lighting, the plating, the table, and the centerpiece. Roses are a traditional symbol of love, but you can shake things up by using a favorite flower, such as lilies or orchids.
  • Make sure you have sweet, soft music playing the background. You don’t want to make conversation impossible—you simply want to enhance it with romantic tunes that will fill up any quiet times.
  • Give yourself plenty of time for preparing the meal and for enjoying it. This ensures that no one has to rush through the meal; instead, the two of you can savor each other’s company for as long as you want. So, make sure no one else has plans in your home for the rest of the evening!

To learn more about creating the ideal kitchen for these romantic dinners, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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The Latest in Kitchen Design Trends

Before you begin your kitchen remodeling project, it is important that you know what type of design you want. Kitchen design trends are always changing, so staying on top of the changes will help ensure that your kitchen is stylish and fresh. Here are some of the newest kitchen trends to consider for your new kitchen:

  • Don’t be afraid of color. While most kitchens used to be white or some shade of white, today’s kitchens can be just about any color you want. Even gray is making a splash as a chosen kitchen color.
  • Colored sinks are “in.” Speaking of color, opting for a colored sink is also a rising trend. Instead of the classic white or stainless steel sink, more and more people are choosing bright colored sinks that mesh well with their kitchen’s design theme.
  • It’s all about the storage. Kitchens today are all about maximizing storage space. You can do this in a variety of new ways, including drawers within drawers and other new design tricks.
  • Keep up with the times. Technology is always changing, and that includes kitchen technology. From sensors on sinks to automatic lights, don’t be afraid to add some new technology to your kitchen.
  • Go bold without going broke. Sure, you want marble countertops throughout your kitchen, but how will you afford it? The answer is easy — purchase countertops that look like marble, but which are manufactured from another material. You get the best of both worlds — just make sure you choose a quality material.

Contact us today at Pacific Kitchens to learn more about the latest kitchen design trends, and let us help your kitchen become a gorgeous, trendy space.

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Easy-to-Use Life Hacks for Kitchens

Everyone spends lots of time in their kitchens. The kitchen is a huge part of everyday life, from packing lunchboxes to doing homework. With so much time spent in this room, it is no wonder that people look for easy-to-do hacks to make their time in the kitchen well-spent.

  • Before measuring sticky food items, such as honey and butter, give the measuring cup a quick squirt of non-stick spray. This will make clean-up a breeze.
  • You can quickly remove cherry pits and strawberry hulls with a firm straw. Just push the straw through the center, and watch the pits and hulls pop out.
  • Instead of peeling garlic one piece at a time, smash all of it down with a plate. Then, put it in a covered bowl, shake it, and sort the garlic pieces with ease.
  • If you are longing for homemade French fries, but you hate cutting them by hand, use an apple slicer to make yummy wedges that are perfect for frying.
  • Cutting soft-filled cakes, such as Boston Cream Pie (a type of cake), has never been easier. Just take a piece of floss wider than your cake, hold it firmly with both hands, and press it down into the cake until you have sliced it into 8 or more uniform pieces.
  • A wooden spoon laid across the top of a boiling pan will prevent the liquid from boiling over.
  • Speaking of wooden spoons, they often show discoloration after use — in some cases, they hold the odor of the food! You can clean them up, and make them look new just by boiling them in water, then leaving them in the sunshine to dry.

These are just a few of the many kitchen hacks out there that you can use to make your life just a little bit easier.

To learn more about creating the perfect kitchen, contact us today at Pacific Kitchens.

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Is Kitchen Remodeling Necessary?

Is your home in need of kitchen remodeling? If you have lived in your home for years, and you are quite comfortable with your kitchen, you may not think it needs to be remodeled. This can be true if you have just moved into a home — you may think the kitchen is just fine. It can be tough to know when a remodel can be postponed and when you need one right away. Here are some tips to help you decide if it is the time for a remodel:

  • Does your kitchen look like something from the 70s? If your kitchen still boasts avocado appliances and carpeting, and wallpaper in oranges and browns, it is time for a remodel. You want to make sure your kitchen is up-to-date in both appearance and appliances. If you have been using the same kitchen for more than 10 years, it’s time to make some updates.
  • Is your kitchen layout convenient? If walking from one side of your kitchen to the other is common for you as you prepare a meal, you may need to remodel. Your kitchen should have an easy layout, such as having the fridge near the stove. This way, it takes fewer steps for you to walk from one area to another.
  • Does your kitchen contain everything you need for easy meal prep? This includes an island and plenty of counter space. If you find yourself struggling to prepare meals at the kitchen table, it is time to remodel, and install more counter space and/or an island.

To learn more about remodels and whether you need one, contact us today at Pacific Kitchens.

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Freshen Your Kitchen’s Appearance for Less

If you are like millions of other people, you would love to have a new kitchen, but lack the funds for a remodel. So, you find yourself searching for easy ways to upgrade your kitchen without spending a fortune. Adding custom cabinets to your kitchen is a great way to give the room a new look. There are many other ways to freshen up a kitchen’s appearance, including the following:

  • Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls will give the room a fresh, bright appearance. Don’t be afraid to take a chance with your color choice. For instance, instead of sticking with a traditional, neutral color, consider adding an accent wall that “pops” with color. This can be a beautiful focal point of the room and add some excitement to it.
  • Upgrading your appliances will give even the drabbest kitchen a fresh, modern feeling. New appliances, or even gently used ones, will make your kitchen look new. Just make sure you invest in appliances that differ from your old ones. For instance, if your current appliances are white, try stainless steel.
  • Adding new décor is the cheapest and easiest route to a better looking kitchen. If your kitchen has a current theme, then change things up. Adding new décor will make it look like a different room. For instance, if you have a kitchen that is decorated to look modern, remove those modern touches, and opt for more retro décor items.

As you can see, it’s not that hard to make your current kitchen look new without remodeling. From adding new cabinets to simply changing the décor, you can update your kitchen’s appearance without breaking the bank.

Contact us today at Pacific Kitchens to learn more about giving your kitchen a fresh, new appearance.

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Give Kitchens Fresh Makeovers on a Budget

Kitchens are a part of our everyday lives. These rooms are often used for various activities beyond simply preparing meals. They are used as gathering rooms for family and friends. They are used as a place for kids to sit at the table and do homework. They are used for family meetings and holiday parties. Your kitchen truly is the heart of your home, and you want to make sure you keep that heart beating in a beautiful fashion. Before you launch a full remodel of your kitchen, consider the following design tips to give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank:

  • Upgrade your sink, faucet, fixtures, and cabinet hardware. You would be amazed at the difference in your kitchen’s appearance with a fresh, new sink. Pair that with a quality, higher-end faucet, along with corresponding hardware on the cabinets, and your kitchen will look almost like new.
  • New lighting fixtures are another way to spruce up your kitchen without spending a lot of money. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, so choose one that fits your personality and your current kitchen décor. Speaking of décor, when you’re changing your light fixtures, add a few decorative touches here and there, like baskets, to give the room a cozy, warm feeling.
  • Be creative with your storage. There is no need to have a countertop full of appliances. There is also no reason to open a lower cabinet and have all those appliances fall out. Make use of storage baskets, a lazy Susan, storage bins, and other different types of storage. Dedicate a cabinet here and there specifically for storage, then spice it up with containers to prevent spillage when the door is opened.
  • Add an island to give your kitchen extra counter space without having to change the structure of the room. You can find different models of islands, or you can have one made-to-fit. You will appreciate the extra space for preparing meals. If your kitchen can accommodate a larger island, you can even add some barstools along the side for an easy seating area for breakfast.
  • If your kitchen is a bit on the smaller side, consider having your refrigerator fitted to match the depth of your cabinets. Add a few panels along the side for a sleek, expensive look. The fitted refrigerator will no longer seem large and obtrusive in your smaller kitchen. Instead, it will fit in flush with the cabinets, making it blend into the room and walls, giving your kitchen a feeling of being larger and more open.

The truth is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to making your kitchen look better. From a few simple splashes of color to a full-fledged remodel, there is no reason why you cannot have the kitchen of your dreams. You may have to think outside of the box to get it, but that is why Pacific Kitchens is here — to help you achieve your dream kitchen in the most affordable manner possible.

Contact us today to learn more great design tips.


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