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Five Totally Awesome and Outrageous Kitchen Cabinet Colors

When considering custom cabinets for your kitchen, you’ll need to choose the color and type of cabinets. Sometimes this choice is very hard. You want your kitchen to look good, but do not know where to start. Try looking over different cabinet colors and designs. While looking, you might just find some crazy, awesome cabinets, like the ones described below.

  1. Red, Blue and Yellow? As strange as this may sound, lighter shades of these colors look pretty good together in a horseshoe-shaped kitchen. The bottom cabinets were painted in Pratt and Lambert Red Rhythm, top cabinets in Reed Yellow and the island cabinets in Italian Blue. What pulled the look together was the dark gray countertop and mosaic backsplash with red, blue and yellow elements.
  2. High gloss pastel yellow. It looks like yellow is in. High-gloss flat front cabinets look really good in yellow, especially in a small, but open kitchen. The light color makes the space look a lot bigger and brighter.
  3. Baby blue cabinets. In a change from traditional, baby blue cabinets were found in a cottage kitchen. This style of kitchen is often white, but this color really works for a small eat-in kitchen. The light blue makes the room look light and airy. The white walls and trim keep the blue from being too overbearing.
  4. Burnt orange. Burnt orange cabinets make for an interesting look, but paired with glass front cabinets, it does not look too bad. It is eclectic in style, but paired with a gray quartz countertop, it works for a smaller space.
  5. Green. Green cabinets are also in, for the time being. Light shades of green such as sage are very popular in larger kitchens. However, the color choice is still kind of odd.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Color for Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the true heart of the home. They are one of the most used rooms in a home and a place where guests tend to gather. When you are considering a remodel, the colors you plan to use in the kitchen are important. It might look easy, but choosing the palette is one of the hardest things to do.

  • Choose what style you are going for in the kitchen. Cottage style kitchens are normally white, while modern and contemporary ones use neutral colors. If none of those styles appeal, browse pictures of finished kitchens on Pinterest or Houzz.
  • Once you have a style in mind, pick out your cabinet and countertop colors. These two items will help define what the kitchen will look like when finished. Spend a lot of time comparing colors, but do not choose yet.
  • Choose the backsplash colors, first, before you choose the paint. This way you already have most of your kitchen picked out and ready to go. Knowing what colors you already have in play will help you to see what colors you would like to bring out more.
  • Choose the paint colors last. Once everything else has been decided, you can safely choose a paint color based on everything else. This will allow you to choose a color that will benefit your kitchen.

Choosing colors for your kitchen is a necessary part of the kitchen remodel process. These colors will help you to create the kitchen you have always wanted.

For advice and help with remodeling your kitchen, contact us at Pacific Kitchens.

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The Future Trends of Kitchen Accessories

With kitchens rising in popularity as a hub for the modern home, changes to your kitchen design must be made. Now the once unloved room must become livable as one of the most used rooms in the house. Here, the contemporary style reigns, with a minimalistic approach and high contrast features.

  1. Lose the cabinet door handles this year. Minimalistic cabinets are popular, with plain, high-gloss doors and drawers. Without handles, the interior of the kitchen takes on a smooth look and feel, which is in high demand.
  2. Add in a few glass-front cabinet doors for an open and bright feel. Adding in the glass front cabinets also keeps the kitchen from looking sterile, instead breaking up the solid colors of the room. Pair this with double glass patio doors, for an extra bright kitchen and flow from indoor to outdoor space.
  3. Black and white is in. Bright white cabinets paired with a black feature wall or black countertops give the kitchen high contrast. To take away from the stark contrast, adding in little pops of color with accessories, such as fresh cut flowers or fruit in a basket, is a must.
  4. Paint the kitchen doors a bold color. This also helps to add contrast to the room, as well as breaks up the space. A color gaining in popularity is denim blue, which looks great on painted cabinets.
  5. Areas with rough texture, such as exposed brickwork or a rough-cut back splash, looks great inside the kitchen. It creates a focal point in a room filled with straight lines and edges.
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2014 Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends

The kitchen is the most popular spot in the home for everyone to gather. The days of the classic kitchen are over. When looking at design, it is more and more common to see the trend is designing the kitchen into more of a living space. With that in mind, kitchens are moving in more of a contemporary direction. Some of the most popular design trends are listed below, each with an emphasis to create a living space out of the room that was once used for cooking only.

  1. Lighting is one of the most important elements. Pendant lighting is one of the most popular options, with recessed lighting in close second. Large pendant lights are popular for placement in the center of a kitchen, with smaller lights over features such as an island, or near important areas such as the sink or stove.
  2. Neutral colors are in now. In the past, wild colors were embraced inside the kitchen, but not anymore. Tans, browns, off-whites and blacks are all popular. Also, high contrast black and white kitchens are popping up everywhere.
  3. Touchless faucets and other energy saving devices and appliances are becoming more and more popular. Look for Energy Star devices to fill your kitchen with to ensure green-living.
  4. Integrating the appliances into the cabinetry is another big change this year. This gives the kitchen a seamless look and makes the room look more livable.
  5. Granite countertops are starting to lose their hold to quartz and glass. This is an understandable change, since granite is hard to protect from accumulating stains, and the upkeep is also somewhat daunting.
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The Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

The Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Having new cabinets installed is a major part of the kitchen remodeling process. New cabinets are, in some cases, necessary, but in others they are an optional part of the process. No matter what you decide to do, the cabinets will always be an important part of the process. Take a look at the top 5 design trends when it comes to new kitchen cabinets:

  1. Light and simple cabinets. White shaker-style doors look light and clean in a kitchen. White is an enduring color that can be used in most styles of kitchen.
  2. Efficient cabinets. Add in special cabinets for efficiency if you can. This includes a lazy Susan or two, cutting board pullouts in drawers, and customized spaces for thin pans and cookie sheets. These efficient pullouts would otherwise be false cabinet fronts.
  3. Built-in appliances. Appliances built into the cabinets is a trend that has been growing. Everything from the oven to the dishwasher, and even the fridge, can be built-in and hidden. This makes the kitchen look uniform and cohesive.
  4. Square kitchen islands are boring. Do something innovative with your island and create an oval or pentagonal-shaped setup. This will create a point of interest inside an otherwise rectangular kitchen. Custom cabinetry can be added to create the perfect storage for wine, extra utensils or pots and pans.
  5. Heavy cabinetry is not always the answer. Large amounts of cabinets allow for the maximum amount of storage, but can make the kitchen look small and cluttered. Aim for a mixture of open shelves, drawers and cabinets for a larger and more open kitchen. This will not only make the kitchen look better, but it will also help to keep costs down.
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The Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchens are always on the list as one of the most important areas in the home. All of the meals are cooked here, and many are home to family dinners. When considering a remodel, you usually take inspiration from somewhere. Take a look at the top five kitchen design trends to help you get started.

  1. The black and white kitchen. This design trend is an old one, but it is classic. Pairing black countertops, appliances and other features with high-gloss white cabinets never looked so good. Add in small pops of color from fresh cut flowers or bright glass bottles on a shelf.
  2. Use dark cabinets and bright backsplashes in a small kitchen. Though most would advise you not to even use dark colors in a small room, this works. According to designers the dark cabinets, almost white backsplash and white countertop creates drama in a room that would otherwise look bland.
  3. Apron-front sinks are trending again. The traditional farmhouse sink is classic in white, but new colors such as Dune and Suede are popular.
  4. The neutral kitchen. The neutral kitchen is not boring or bland. It allows you to add the color in with bright accessories. This way you can change the style of your kitchen with the season, while the cabinets and countertops stay the same year round.
  5. A backsplash with no border. Go up the walls with your backsplash for a dramatic effect. Choose one with contrasting colors for the full effect. Never be afraid to be a little bold in your kitchen design.
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6 Spring Refreshers for the Kitchen

6 Spring Refreshers for the Kitchen

With the springtime comes warmer weather and change. This is the time when many families clean out their homes after the winter doldrums and start fresh. This is not necessarily the time for kitchen remodeling, but a time to add something new. This new thing could be anything in particular. Check out some of the top suggestions below.

  1. Change the look of your cabinets by refacing them, or just simply paint them a new color. This will change your kitchen just enough to make the room look brand new.
  2. Choose a feature wall and cover it with wall paper. Find wall paper that matches the existing walls, but that is also flashy. Use the peel and stick type to complete this project in a day.
  3. Change up the colors in the kitchen with light colors and pastels. Paint one wall, or all the walls. You could purchase new table settings and placemats to freshen the room.
  4. Create a centerpiece using fresh-cut spring flowers and ferns. You could also add some small potted herbs to the windowsill. If you do not have access to fresh flowers, consider creating a centerpiece out of kitchen items, such as a decorative container filled with large utensils (spoons, spatulas, ladles, etc.).
  5. Create a countertop display for your dishware using a wooden crate with a shelf in it. This way you can easily get to the dishes you use every day.
  6. Hang some floral art in the kitchen. It could be on the walls or on the sides of the cabinets. Floral designs are very popular during the spring and summer, especially in the kitchen.
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7 Tips for Kitchen Organization

Like many other areas of the home, kitchens tend to become cluttered and unorganized. The pantry, the fridge, and even the counter can fill up with out of place items. The key to becoming organized is to find a place for everything in the room. A kitchen remodel could solve this issue, but only until the next time it happens. Read below to see some tips for reorganizing this space.

  1. Use drawer inserts inside all the drawers to divide up the space. This way, several items can be paired together in the drawer in their own spaces.
  2. Add storage solutions to the underneath of the cabinets. Utilize small plastic bins, clean containers, and small portable shelving.
  3. Consider a lazy Susan in the corner cabinets for easy access to items you use often. You could take the door off to allow quick access to your pots and pans.
  4. Utilize open shelves in your kitchen for ingredients you use often. You can place them in decorative baskets or in labeled glass jars.
  5. Turn narrow cabinets into wine storage cubbies. Use a piece of molding with a notch in it to hold the wine bottles in place.
  6. Dedicate a whole cabinet to baking supplies, if you bake a lot. Choose a cabinet that is near the oven to do this. Use shelf dividers to keep everything neat.
  7. Organize the freezer into plastic bins that are labeled. This makes finding something to eat that much easier.  It also makes it easy to keep your meats separated, such as fish, chicken and beef, and avoids any cross-contamination in the event of a fridge failure.
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5 Popular Décor Accessories for Your Kitchen

Choosing décor for your kitchen should not be hard once the kitchen remodeling process has finished. A new kitchen means new décor and a whole new look. There are many popular fads, right now, but choosing something timeless will save you from having to choose new décor in the future. Below are some examples of popular, timeless accessories for your kitchen.

  1. Colored glass bottles are very popular, and they have been popular for a very long time. They do not go out of style, and you can get them almost anywhere. Craft stores sell them, but you can also find unique vintage pieces at yard sales.
  2. Single and tiered baskets to hold fruit and other odds and ends are classic accessories. You can find these wooden baskets in all different shades and stains to match your cabinets or another feature of your kitchen.
  3. Metal sculptures of kitchen-related gear are newly popular in many kitchens. You will find these in many shapes and sizes, like coffee cups, for instance. Metal chickens are another popular sculpture.
  4. Antique signs and other wooden or metal signage are classic accessories that do not go out of style. Signage can be found for almost any brand, but beverage brands are the most popular — especially beer and soda brands.
  5. A floor-to-ceiling framed chalkboard is a great accent for any kitchen. Though relatively new to kitchen décor, these chalkboards are going to stick around. The best part is that you can make them match your style, with chalkboard paint and wood trim for the frame.
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5 Hot Cabinet Colors for Refacing

5 Hot Cabinet Colors for Refacing

Refacing the kitchen cabinets saves you money and a lot of headaches. Cabinet refacing means that you are replacing the exteriors to the cabinets, but keeping the structure the same. Instead of paying for a whole new set of cabinets, you are just paying for new exteriors. You can have the cabinet exteriors stained, painted, or finished in a different, fresh color. There are several hot colors out that you should consider.

  1. White cabinets are clean and always in style. White helps you to achieve a light and bright kitchen while keeping it simple. This color is very common in a country, cottage, and contemporary style kitchen.
  2. Dark, espresso-colored wood is very popular. These cabinets make a kitchen dark, so they generally work better if you have a larger or open kitchen area. A light backsplash and under the cabinet lighting is a must.
  3. Stainless steel cabinet doors are becoming more and more popular. They give the kitchen a sleek, professional look. They are also easy to clean.
  4. Cherry-stained wood is a classic and will never go out of style. Light accents and countertops are a must to go with this bold color decision.
  5. A pecan or even a walnut shade are also classic cabinet colors that are used in kitchens. Both shades will not go out of style, and look warm and inviting in any kitchen.

When refacing your cabinets, you will have many choices for colors. Choose the ones you will be most happy with in your kitchen. The colors above are very popular, but they are not the only choices you have.

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