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Cabinet Refacing San Diego

Choosing Cabinet Doors for San Diego Cabinet Refacing

There are many different types of cabinet doors you can use for your San Diego cabinet refacing project. Here are some options. A slab door is the choice for you if you like lean lines. A raised panel will give your cabinets a more elegant appearance.  Recessed panels have the opposite look of a raised panel and shaker doors are used if you want a more country-style appearance  in your kitchen.  A Pacific Kitchens in-home consultation can help you decide which cabinet doors work best with your decor and help you achieve the look you want.

Preparing for Cabinet Refacing in San Diego

When you prepare for your cabinet refacing in San Diego, you will need to empty everything from your cabinets.    This is a good time to either donate or discard items in your cabinets that you haven’t used for a while.  You might even find you now have some empty cabinet space you didn’t have before.   Make sure you have access to things you use on a daily basis that you may keep in your cabinets such as a coffee pot or toaster.

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