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San Diego Kitchen Remodel

Still be able to eat while going through a San Diego kitchen remodel

While you are going through your San Diego kitchen remodel, you can usually have meals in your kitchen. Follow these tips to still be able to eat delicious foods. Preparing meals in advance that can be frozen and easily heated are a must. If you are getting a new sink and won’t have water for a while investing in paper plates and cups will make dishes much easier.  Make sure you get all the essential supplies like the coffee pot and microwave out of your kitchen so you can still use them. When all else fails and you need a break make sure you have some coupons to local restaurants. If you think you are going to get tired of microwave-prepared food you can invest in a hot plate to boil water for other dishes.

If you don’t want the mess of a San Diego kitchen remodel…

Then just get your cabinets refaced. Your kitchen won’t be out of commission as long as it would be with a full remodel. Pacific Kitchens can help you with any questions you have about cabinet refacing and can explain to you what other options you have for your kitchen.

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