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What to Expect from a San Diego Cabinet Refacing Company


If you have decided to have a San Diego cabinet refacing company do your kitchen you may want to know what the process is, before they come into your home. When you have your cabinets replaced they are simply ripped out of their spots and you facing having to replace counters, flooring and walls as a part of your kitchen remodel, refacing on the other hand spares you all of this work and money by just replacing the fronts of your cabinets.

First a plan is made up, listing the measurements as well as what you want for new fronts, then the next faces are made for your cabinets according to your wishes. Your old doors and drawer fronts are removed and any repairs that need to be made are made now. The cabinets are prepared for refacing to make sure the new faces properly bond and then we laminate all the surfaces of your cabinets and replace the doors and drawer fronts. Pacific Kitchens is the San Diego Cabinet refacing specialist, we can get your cabinets done fast and for much less than the price of a full remodel.

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