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Choose your wood for San Diego kitchen cabinets

Here are some basics to know about different woods so you can make the right decision for your kitchen when it comes to the wood for your San Diego kitchen cabinets. Oak is a durable wood and because of that is one of the popular choices for cabinets. It is open grained and can range from a salmon pink color to almost white. Oak can sometimes have dramatic variations in color, knots and grain patterns. Maple is also a very durable wood and is known for gray mineral streaks and variations in grain patterns and color. Maple is responsive to light, so it will change color over time. Maple is close grained and suited for use with enamel finishes and brown tones. Cherry has a more subtle grain than the other hardwoods. It has a smooth texture and satin feel. It can range in color from rich red to reddish brown with localized color variations where the knots occur. Walnut is prized for its dark color. Since it has strength, stability and beauty, it is a good choice for kitchen cabinets.

Save money and reface your San Diego kitchen cabinets

All you have to do to get the San Diego kitchen cabinets of your dreams is go through the refacing process to save money. Visit Pacific Kitchens to learn more.

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