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San Diego Cabinet Refacing

Get a new kitchen in days with San Diego cabinet refacing

With a traditional remodel process a new kitchen can take weeks to complete and you usually have limited access to your kitchen, which makes meal time hard and cause a lot of stress. This isn’t the case with San Diego cabinet refacing. With cabinet refacing your kitchen remodel can be done in as little as three to four days. Instead of tearing out your whole cabinet interface, which can create damage and take a while to complete, just the doors and drawers are replaced. These items are the ones that show the most wear and tear anyway. It’s usually not the cabinet frames that are sturdy and don’t show as much wear and tear. Not only will you save time on getting a new kitchen but it’s half the cost than new cabinets would be. Visit Pacific Kitchens to learn more about the refacing process and set up an in-home consultation.

Design Options with San Diego cabinet refacing

With San Diego cabinet refacing you still have as many options as you would if you were replacing your cabinets. You can choose from wood or other materials. In fact you can get more custom options, which would normally cost more, for less when you reface instead of replace.

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