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Advantages and disadvantages of certain kitchen cabinets San Diego, CA

When choosing kitchen cabinets in San Diego, CA, here are some pros and cons of the different materials you can use. Solid wood is sometimes desirable because of its strength and durability. If you use solid wood remember that wood has various grains and you won’t always get a perfect match with all cabinets. Wood can also warp, especially if there is a lot of moisture which you might want to consider for kitchen cabinets. Wood veneers can be a popular option because the cabinets look like wood but at a much lower price. Remember you get what you pay for. Cheap wood veneers will look cheap. You can get a uniform look since the veneers are usually cut from one piece of wood. They are usually easy to repair but sometimes they can lift and crack. Laminate options are relatively inexpensive but not as durable as wood. They can also be difficult to repair if they become scratched or damaged. However, the pro is there are many different colors and styles to choose from.

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If you aren’t sure what material will look good in your kitchen or which fits in your budget visit Pacific Kitchens for an in-home consultation.

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