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Kitchen Refacing in San Diego

San Diego kitchen refacing process

The kitchen refacing process in San Diego can take as little as three to four days depending on the size of your kitchen. Once plans are drawn and are ready to be installed the old doors are remolded and the exteriors are then prepared with the new material of the cabinets.  Your new custom made doors are then added to the frames and the moldings are installed. After that your kitchen is complete and ready for you to enjoy. It’s easy and doesn’t require you not being able to use your kitchen for weeks at a time. It’s cost efficient and there is no major mess.

Kitchen refacing in San Diego and more…

In addition to kitchen refacing in San Diego, it is possible to add some more remodeling to your kitchen without a hefty price tag including building an island, adding modifications for new appliances and installing them. It’s still easy to add some new things without gutting your kitchen and still making it the one of your dreams. Pacific Kitchens is the leading refacing specialist in San Diego and will ensure everything is done properly. They can also assist you with all your needs.

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