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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing San Diego

The time you need for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in San Diego

It is stressful having workers in your kitchen and not being able to use it every day. With kitchen cabinet refacing in San Diego it usually only takes 3 to 4 days or a week at most to get your new cabinets. With a remodel you can be without your kitchen for as many as 12 weeks, which will add stress to your life.

Does it matter what material your cabinets are for kitchen cabinet refacing in San Diego?

As long as your cabinet frames are still in good shape and they aren’t falling apart the kitchen cabinet refacing in San Diego process can be done. It doesn’t matter if your current cabinets are wood or laminate. Usually it’s the doors that show the most wear and tear on cabinets so it usually doesn’t make sense to have to tear out the whole cabinet and replace it. When you tear out the whole cabinet you are usually damaging the floors and countertops as well, not to mention it takes a lot of time. Refacing will just replace the door and drawers so you will have nice new cabinets in a shorter amount of time without damage to the rest of your kitchen. Visit Pacific Kitchens to learn more about the process and to get an in-home consultation.

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