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Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego

Moen’s Trends for Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego

Moen, a top manufacturer in kitchen products, has come up with some trends that may be implemented for kitchen remodeling in San Diego. Those with kids are more likely to make their kitchen a hang out spot than those without kids. Those with kids are more likely to remodel their kitchen and have some things to think about. Safety, a place for kids to work and play and the ability to have two or more cooks in the kitchen at one time are things that are important to those with kids. Millenials (age 13 to 34) want technological advances in their kitchen, mostly having to do with appliances. Millenials want their kitchen appliances to multitask such as a microwave that swipes a bar code so it’s cooked to the exact directions. Boomers (age 45 to 64) also have wish list items in their kitchen relating to technology. They want a cook top with special purpose features and commercial or professional grade appliances.

Need kitchen remodeling in San Diego?

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