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Kitchen Remodel in San Diego

Countertop materials for your kitchen remodel in San Diego

If you are considering new countertops for your kitchen remodel in San Diego here are a few pros and cons to keep in mind. Stone is durable but can be expensive and requires sealing. Quartz is also durable but expensive as well. Laminate is a low cost option but the layers can make it hard to repair if it ever gets chipped. Concrete has a textured look and is easily shaped but also requires sealing. Ceramic tile can give you an artistic look but it is not a smooth surface and grout can cause it to discolor. Stainless steel has a clean look but it shows scratches and fingerprints. Lavastone is available in many custom colors but it can be expensive. It is also difficult to repair because it consists of one single slab. Glass is available in many different colors as well and is easy to clean but will crack if heavy objects are dropped on it. Paper composite is durable but is usually only seen in commercial kitchens.

Want more for your kitchen remodel in San Diego?

If you want to do more than just your countertops consider cabinet refacing as part of your kitchen remodel in San Diego. It will make your kitchen look brand new for a low cost. Contact Pacific Kitchens to learn more about cabinet refacing and other remodeling options for your kitchen today.

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