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San Diego Kitchen Remodelers

What to discuss with your San Diego Kitchen Remodelers

Meeting with your San Diego kitchen remodelers during an in home consultation will give you a good feel for their work and what they can do design-wise for your kitchen. Here are a few things to discuss with them so you can get what you want out of your kitchen. Discussing a budget is very important but be sure to also discuss what is expected of you during the remodel. How long do you have to be out of your kitchen? Is your entire kitchen off limits or just portions of it? How long will the remodel take? What needs to be cleaned or cleared out? The more prepared you are before your remodel the less stress the experience will be.

Do your San Diego Kitchen Remodelers reface cabinets?

One of the things you definitely want to find out if you want to save money is if your San Diego kitchen remodelers will reface your cabinets instead of replacing them entirely. Refacing saves time and money since you get to keep your existing cabinet framework but you get the doors and drawers replaced. Visit Pacific Kitchens to learn more about the process and have your remodelers talk to you about cabinet refacing.

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