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Kitchen Cabinets San Diego, CA

The many choices of Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego CA

There are so many choices for kitchen cabinets that you probably don’t even know where to begin. The options can be broken down into a few categories to make the experience of choosing kitchen cabinets in San Diego, CA easier. First, do you want stock cabinets, semi custom or custom? Stock cabinets don’t have many options but they are the lowest price. Semi custom cabinets are usually stock cabinets with some customizations and custom cabinets will fit your exact specifications including materials and design. Design is your next choice. There are framed or frameless cabinets. Framed cabinets are more traditional. Frameless cabinets have an interesting look but they can be very expensive to install.  You also have the choice of determining what type of material you want your cabinets to be. Wood is a popular option but even then there are many choices of wood. Usually it’s best to choose if you want light colored or dark colored cabinets and find the wood that is in your budget.

New kitchen cabinets in San Diego, CA

Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets in San Diego, CA completely get them refaced. Still have all the options but without the hefty price tag. Contact Pacific Kitchens to learn more today.

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