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Saving Money on Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego

Kitchen remodeling in San Diego can cost a significant amount of money. Kitchen remodels are one of the most expensive forms of remodels. There are numerous expenses involved in creating your dream kitchen. For example, the appliances, alone, can cost you thousands of dollars. Add in the cost of new cabinets, countertops, and floors and you could wind up spending a small fortune.

Here at Pacific Kitchens, we strive to help our customers get their dream kitchens without going broke. One of our most popular methods of saving money on remodels is cabinet refacing. Having your cabinets refaced with new exteriors can save you a significant amount of money – money that can used for other parts of your remodel. Our refacing process takes a minimal amount of time – only about one week – and saves you thousands of dollars. Contact us today to learn more about the refacing process and schedule a free estimate for your kitchen cabinets.

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