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The Uses of Track Lighting

When it’s time to install lights in the kitchen and other areas of the home, most people don’t give the matter a lot of thought—they just want to see what they’re doing while in the room.  But it’s worth looking into lighting styles and arrangements that can provide options beyond those offered by standard lamps and bulbs.  One of these styles is track lighting.  This involves installing a rail, or track, on a ceiling or wall; one or more bulbs are then affixed to the track.  The result is a simple yet highly customizable lighting arrangement.  A track can hold a single bulb or half a dozen, and when it’s necessary to accentuate specific areas of the room, the bulbs usually can be moved to different spots along the track, and often they can be tilted in various angles.

Variations of Track Lighting

The most common variety is the single-track style, also called a monorail; this holds bulbs together along a straight line.  Some people install a series of monorails end to end, while another option is to arrange the rails in a triangle or square pattern.  Curved tracks are also available, but for optimal flexibility nothing beats bare-wire track lighting, which dispenses with the rail altogether in favor of an exposed (but safe to handle) cord that can be manipulated into virtually any arrangement.  As remodeling experts in the San Diego area, Pacific Kitchens can help you figure out the ideal lighting installation.


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