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Sometimes a cabinet just needs replacing

It can prove to be expensive, but kitchen cabinets can break or corrode just like any other furniture piece, so a replacement might be necessary at some point during your kitchen’s lifetime. The kitchen is the last place that you want a leak, so it’s important that your cabinets are built well enough to hold water just in case. You eat out of those bowls after all.

Recognizing if you need a replacement

It’s true that refacing the cabinet is a cleaner and less expensive alternative to replacement; if your cabinet door is the crux of the problem, a refacing or a redooring might be all that you need. If there’s significant damage to the structural integrity of the actual cabinet box however, neither of those options will do any good unless your local San Diego kitchen refacers are willing to strengthen and repair your cabinet frames as part of the refacing project (hint: we do that).

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