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Pendant Lights Provide Many Lighting Options

What is a pendant light?  That’s the term for a light that hangs from the ceiling, and it’s made of several distinct parts.  The lightbulb itself is encased in a lampshade attached to a device called a holder.  The holder is in turn connected to a long tube, cord, rod, or other thin cylindrical object.  The tubing leads up to a canopy affixed to the ceiling.  These various components combine into a stylish yet practical home accessory that can be modified in any number of ways.  Available in an impressive assortment of shades and bulb options, pendant lights can accommodate anyone’s aesthetic palette.  They can be hung individually or grouped, positioned high in the air or at eye level.

Enhance Your Kitchen with Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are commonly found suspended over an island of a kitchen, providing a convenient lighting option that, unlike a regular lamp, does not take up valuable surface room.  For San Diego residents interested in refacing and remodeling the kitchen area, these types of lights can introduce both a visual flair and useful illumination at the same time.

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