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Common Types of Cabinet Hinges

Kitchen cabinets sustain a great deal of use and abuse, and eventually it becomes necessary to have them repaired.  In many instances, the process involves replacing the cabinet’s hinges.  There can be a lot of confusion about terminology when discussing this topic, so here are a few frequently used terms:

  • Concealed hinge – This is a type of hinge affixed to the interior of the cabinet, connecting the door frame or cabinet wall to the door itself.   Also called a hidden hinge, this type is invisible from the outside, enhancing the visual appeal of the cabinet.
  • Self-closing hinge – Normally containing springs, these hinges automatically shut the cabinet door once it has been released—this can be handy in busy kitchen environments.
  • Continuous hinge – A very long single-unit hinge that allows for a wide range of motion.  Also called a piano hinge due to its traditional use on that instrument.
  • Butt hinge – Seen on many kinds of doors, butt hinges are composed of two interlocking plates that are connected by a pin.

The Pacific Kitchens Difference

This is an area of home improvement in which we’ve accumulated a great deal of expertise:  Pacific Kitchens has been in the cabinet refacing business for years in the San Diego area.  Our streamlined refacing process usually takes only a matter of days to make cabinets seem like new.

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