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What Is a Peninsula Kitchen?

One of the more common kitchen layouts is the peninsula.  This is a rectangular section of cabinet that protrudes from a wall, allowing for space on the other three sides, to prepare food and maneuver around; in many cases it results in a kitchen with a G-shaped design.  The advantages of peninsulas are many:  They provide extra cabinet room, allow extra countertop space for food preparation, and create an additional dining area, if necessary.  Peninsulas, then, resemble islands in many respects, with the main difference resting in the space requirements that islands demand.  An island has to have several feet of walkaround space on every side—this can be impossible in smaller kitchen areas.   A peninsula can provide a sound alternative, although they’re not without shortcomings.  They’re not suitable to every type of kitchen space, and, like islands, they cannot easily accommodate overhead cabinet space options.

How Pacific Kitchens Can Help

No matter what kind of kitchen design your home features, Pacific Kitchens can help.  Based in San Diego, CA, Pacific Kitchens has years of experience with refacing cabinets and kitchen areas.  Pacific’s streamlined kitchen refacing and remodeling services in San Diego and adjoining areas can get the job done in as little as three or four days, compared with the weeks or even months necessary for a complete kitchen tearout.

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